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Updated Feb, 2024

Sales for 2024

In June I will have a Patriotica Sale.

My theme for E-Week 2024: Revisiting Tudor England.

I plan to spend my early 2024 months solidly with my needle in my hand.

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July 9, 2019 Tuesday

The First Day of My Remodeled Website

Permanent Resolutions for Stitchers

1.  Take all the pent-up anxiety about perfection and redirect that energy toward creativity. Open up your minds and think of creative  possibilities you can bring to your needlework, ways that will personalize it and make it distinctly yours.  Here are two ways to start:

Oops you made a mistake and you face a lot of ripping.

Ask yourself, is it really a mistake or a variation?

You do have to rip if you crossed most of your crosses in one direction and suddenly you started crossing them in the other direction, yep no way around that. Why? The real reason for good technique is that it allows all your attention to focus on your design (where it should be).

You don't have to rip if you made a leaf one row bigger than the design called for. This is obsessive behavior that needs redirecting.

You do need to rip if you make something so large it is out of scale with the rest of the design; you do not have to rip if it is barely noticeable.

You do not have to rip if you mixed up colors and the design is not exactly as the designer's model. For heaven's sake, if it looks OK, stop obsessing.

You do have to rip if a color or texture is not in harmony with the rest of the design.

You do not have to throw away a design if you run out of a dye lot.

If it looks like you are headed toward thread shortage, don't use the thread to the last strand, save at least 1/4 of it. Buy some more and decide where and how to introduce the new dyelot. I actually prefer to work with multiple dyelots. If you pay attention to lights and darks etc., they can bring an added depth to your design.

2. In memory of Audrey Francini, my generation's greatest needlewoman, slow down. Needlework is not a speed contest. Audrey was the slowest stitcher I have known. She was also the best. I have a couple of great stories about Audrey and her speed, I'll tell them in the next couple of mornings.

3. Forget about the Needlepoint Police. They don't exist except in their minds. You may meet people who think they know it all. Good for them, I applaude their confidence, but I don't buy into it.

I have probably told this story a dozen times but it is worth telling again and again. Years ago a friend wrote to me and asked, will this Kreinik braid look good with this silk?

I replied, beats me, try it and see.

Friend: whadaya mean you don't know, you're the teacher.

My reply: if the Immortal Artists Of The Western World don't know without trying, how would I, one mere mortal needlework teacher? (There's a bit more to thsi story too, I'll tell the rest another time).

All this goes to say once again, there is no real right and wrong, there are problems of course. The best way to find solutions is to think creatively.

Those are my New Year's Stitching Resolutions for 2021, still good for 2022

Reminders for me as well as for all of you.







UPDATED Feb, 2024

Updates on Sales

Matryoshas are arriving, or so I hear. Please check your kits to make sure you have everything. Deadline for reporting mistakes or shortages is Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2024.

Group Activities

I will continue to refurbish my For Groups page on Queendom Website..

Time to Stitch

In 2024, once I have mailed Matryoshkas, I plan to pick up my needle solidly every day.

Future Sales

I will take time in June to have a Patriotica Sale. Hopefully most Patriotic Hearts will be there.

In the fall the theme will be Revisiting Tudor England.

March 3, 2024, Sunday          

A productive early a.m. this morning: I finished beading a small geometric, then started work on drawing the graphs.

I had finished stitching and beading the design some time ago  but decided the beads needed some revisions. I started revisions yesterday afternoon and got it where I wanted it this early a.m. One more thing off the list.

I am trying to catch up but I get distracted by chores around here and the very pleasant happening of a flood of company. Good for socialization, no doubt, and fun to see people, but what about packages I have promised?

My diningroom table is filling up again with clean up and sorting. That is a good thing except no dining there. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for Jane Ellen's class at Shining Needle Society. Hope another  person or two will join the class and keep me company in there. I am greatly looking forward to it!

March 2, 2024, Saturday          

The wind is blowing like a gale and the windows filled with streaming rainwater, not a day for walking. Better day for huddling in house warmth and stitching.

I would love to stitch away the day but am guessing I will be good and draw graphs all day instead.  I have two more small projects to write before I can move on.

A nice note in my email: a package with two sizes of real pearls are on their way to me. If the pearls are decent quality, I will be one step closer to a new queen and her paraphernalia.

Looking forward to their arrival.

March 1, 2024, Friday          

My favorite time of year is here. It starts each year with DH's birthday on February 26 and stretches to the Summer Solstice.

What is not to love: the days are lengthening now and soon it will be daylight savings time. More hours to kick back at the end of the day and stitch.

On Queendom Website's home page this morning I posted some hearts that remind me of springtime. I thought I would use them for a Spring Banner on my facebook pages.

Meanwhile, the day here in La Jolla is not overcast entirely: there is sun peaking through white clouds. Hopefully a nice day ahead. Good for a walk with DH.

February 29, 2024, Thursday          

Yay for Me! Last night and early early this morning I finished not only writing my Little Needle Book but I finished counting little pearls into tiny baggies. I still have to decide whether to include the threads or sell only the patterns and pearls. I don't have to decide that today.

It is Leap Year so we have an extra day. I have a long list of chores this morning but by 3:00 this afternoon I should have some time to stitch. Time with my needle. Anybody want to join me?

The countdown is on for registration for Jane Ellen's class. I signed up and can't wait! I love ribbon embroidery, such as my limited abilities allow, and I hope to increase ideas.

To make the most of the class, I'm going to set up a doodle, try each of Jane Ellen's flowers, then look up variations and try them as well. I love doodle experiments -- I love to answer 'what would happen if I tried this and this and this.'

Hope some of you will stitch along with me. Looking forward to kicking back and enjoying our extra day.

February 28, 2024, Wednesday          

I noted on my home page this morning that registration for Jane Ellen's Crazy Quilt Class at Shining Needle Society is still open for several days more. I signed up and am looking forward to the class. I love ribbon flowers and Jane Ellen is offering a bunch of them on her project. Can't wait to try them.

I'm feeling better about work this morning and soon as I pubIish Queendom Website, I will turn on the news to see what is happening in the world and spend the next two hours counting little glass pearls into tiny baggies. Not a bad way to spend a bit of the morning.

Later, much later this afternoon, Yippee! Some time ahead with my needle.

Nice day ahead.

February 27, 2024, Tuesday               

As Mary F. said in a note this morning: DH has made another the sun.  I thought lotta trips around the sun, how did we get so old! But we had a lovely if rainy day off and on.

Back to work today. I am hoping to make substantial progress on my Needle Book today. 27th, 28th, 29th: can I finish? It would be lovely if I could. Crossed fingers.

No info yet about a possible Drawn Thread Class. I will  post soon as I know more. Ditto Acorn Sampler. Of the two, Drawn Thread Sampler is the more difficult and tedious and therefore first choice as a class, but Acorn Sampler has its moments too.

There are two parts of Acorn Sampler that I particularly love: one is the wide band of Double Running Stitch. Back in the years when embroidery was all in the V&A in South Kensington, I spent hours in the study room charting that pattern from one of the samplers and I've always loved it.

The second part I love is the alphabet. I charted it from Marcus Huish's book on samplers. He was an early sampler collector; he collected samplers because he was interested in lettering and he wrote that alphabet is the earliest one he knew of on a sampler. Of course there was lettering earlier, but evidently not the whole alphabet.

Speaking of words, I just posted again the photo of my little Valentine's Day lace bobbin. I asked DH why the spelling and he said spelling wasn't necessarily codified until the end of the 19th century. So much later than I would have guessed.

February 26, 2024, Monday               

It is a special day today: DH's Birthday! Day off to celebrate his long life. I won't tell you just how long: I told him it was time for him to start going backwards.

But we will celebrate all day today: a trip for flowers, a trip for our favorite ice cream, and we will sit down together this afternoon. DH will savor a bottle of his favorite beer and I will pick up my needle.

I invite you to celebrate wth us: At 3:00 your time, pick up your needle and take a few stitches to wish DH a Happy Birthday and many more.

I did make headway yesterday with writing the instructions for my little Needle Book and may, just may, meet my deadline of March 1. Will see.

February 25, 2024, Sunday               

I saw this on facebook: word of the day, a 17th century word, SPUDDLE. Meaning: to be extremely busy whilst accomplishing nothing.

Describes how I feel: I draw and draw and draw graphs for instructions and at the end of 6 hours, I think why am I only this far? And I lament how far I still have to go.

So far I have drawn 15 Master Graphs for my Needle Book and I still have all the numbered graphs to go. AND I still have to write descriptions for all of it.

On and on... but I like the way the Needle Book turned out, so I will soldier on with these sentiments: I have to figure out how to add hours to each day AND I have to figure out how to make more of each hour.

Or I could just abandon it all and sit and stitch.

I feel bad that I haven't started Echoes kits but now that I am in the midst of this Needle Book, I have to keep going....

Sigh. Anybody have any answers for me?

February 24, 2024, Saturday               

Jane Ellen and Kate are working out the details for two classes that Jane Ellen will teach: (1) Drawn Thread Sampler and its Doodle, (2) Acorn Sampler.

I have sold Drawn Thread Sampler any number of times and Jane Ellen even taught it about 10 years ago. As far as I remember, I have sold Acorn Sampler only once, last October.

I spent so many years teaching my version of cutwork. It isn't too difficult (tension is the key) but I recognize it might help to offer classes in the techniques.

I retired from teaching back in 2008 and I don't think I have taught a class since. All this while Jane Ellen has taught numerous classes in whitework and I think she could teach each of these samplers much better than I could.

Plus, time is an issue: I have too much to do and I'm struggling to keep up without adding teaching and teaching prep to my  schedule.

Jane Ellen and I have been friends for close to 30 years, as I described earlier, she has stitched both samplers and she'll do a super job.

We shall see how it all unfolds. Meanwhile, I am writing a Needle Book. I hope to finish it by March 1. If I'm to meet the deadline, I'd best get busy....

February 23, 2024, Friday               

Yesterday I was so tied up in this and that and I forgot to update Queendom Website. And what is worse, I still haven't started kitting Echoes.

So what was I so busy doing? Making a tiny fob. I finished the two: one for a tiny pair of scissors, one for a needle threader.

All day long I was busy writing the fob. How can it take hours and hours to write the instructions for a tiny fob?

So what about Echoes? Sigh.... I'm working on it.

On the horizon also: a class Jane Ellen might teach on Drawn Thread Sampler and its Doodle (which is a large complex doodle).

And Acorn Sampler: should we combine the two or do two separate classes? Kate and Jane Ellen will figure it out.

I keep thinking it's not too bad: I still have 6 days in February. It could be worse: I could be at a standstill and it could be the end of March. That would be worse out of control.

This too shall  pass. All too quickly.

February 21, 2024, Wednesday               

A few questions about Drawn Thread Sampler made me wonder if I could talk Kate and Jane Ellen into offering an online class for both Drawn Thread Sampler and Acorn Sampler. Jane Ellen taught Drawn Thread Sampler once and she has stitched Acorn Sampler too.

I wonder if it might help; I was wondering too whether a traditional class or a Q&A class. Of course, that would be up to Jane Ellen and Kate .

Meanwhile I have left notice of Jane Ellen's Crazy Quilt class on my home page. I signed up for it and am greatly looking forward to it!

Meanwhile I have stitched the tiniest of projects. Tiny can be difficult and this was no exception: I spent an inordinate amount of time auditioning different patterns of beads -- and only after a couple of long sessions did I find a harmonizing solution.

I love miniaturization but it is never easy, and this was no exception. So now I am another day behind....

But we have an extra day in February this year. Mind you, I have used that extra day too many times already.

February 20, 2024, Tuesday               

A bit more Winter and then my favorite time of year will be  here. I see how the days are lengthening and soon it will be Spring.

Company has gone now but we have some  personal chores, then I will return to shipping a small number of packages.

I still have hopes of stealing an hour now in the earliest first light to wrap up some small projects, then at least a couple of hours in the late afternoon to tackle Echoes.  I apologize in saying I am behind schedule.

Lately I have had some questions about Drawn Thread Sampler and they made me wonder if I should ask Jane Ellen about teaching the sampler. It sounds as if some help with the basics of cutwork would be of use.

More tomorrow on my home page.

February 18, 2024, Sunday               

Second batch of company  dispatched and three more to come! I am sorry to see company leave, they have enlivened our lives, but not a bit of a respite till the next arrive.  I will try and catch up on a few musts.

First, I want to catch up on the news and stitch a wee bit, then on with the tasks of the day.  Top of today's list: go through three stacks of papers, and then start -- at long last -- on Echoes.

I know, I am way behind schedule.

This morning a photo of my Valentine's Day  present from DH. I saw this and it was immediate LOVE! Kis Me Quck, My Mome is coming!

A perfectly spelled Valentine's Sentiment, don't you think?

February 17, 2024, Saturday               

Off and running this morning: two errands before company arrives in about an hour or so, so thiis is short.

I left Sir Sweet Tooth and Lady Sweet Tooth in place for another day.  Tomorrow: a photo of my Valentine's Day present from DH and its story.

For now, on my way to the grocery store....

February 16, 2024, Friday               

I found a photo of the back of Lady Sweet Tooth which shows the stitchied pocket holding a tiny pair of red handled scissors. Sir Sweet Tooth has the same backside.

I have so many hearts! As winter begins to wind down, I think I will take some photos of spring time hearts and make a facebook banner to replace my winter banner of Snow Maiden and ornaments.

DH and I have company for the next few days, so work time will be short. I apologize for the things I haven't finished; I will do them soon enough. All together we have another week of company which I greatly look forward to,  and then I will be back tto work.

Are any of you signing up for Jane Elllen's class at Shining Needle Society? I can't wait for it!

February 15, 2024, Thursday               

Happy Day After Valentine's Day!  I hope  everybody in stitcherland had tiny indulgences yesterday, we certainly did! We had tiny chocolate cakes in the shapes of hearts yesterday and they were yummy!

I have posted this morning five more hearts, two I wrote about on my home page and three more in a small series of red and white hearts. One of my ambitions is to make a new Queen of Hearts with the red as the dominant color.

I was busy all day long yesterday. I had  planned to finish stitching and beading a tiny needlebook and I didn't have a moment to pick up my needle. I doubt today I will, maybe late this afternoon? I'll see.

Busy times here, and more to come.


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