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Updated June 2024

Sales for 2024

Yes, in June a Patriotica Sale which will include Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

My theme for E-Week 2024: Revisiting Tudor England.

I plan to spend my early 2024 months solidly with my needle in my hand.

Keeping Track of My Sales:

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My Newsletters are one page long, with date and time, of a sale and usually a listing of what is in the sale.

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July 9, 2019 Tuesday

The First Day of My Remodeled Website

Permanent Resolutions for Stitchers

1.  Take all the pent-up anxiety about perfection and redirect that energy toward creativity. Open up your minds and think of creative  possibilities you can bring to your needlework, ways that will personalize it and make it distinctly yours.  Here are two ways to start:

Oops you made a mistake and you face a lot of ripping.

Ask yourself, is it really a mistake or a variation?

You do have to rip if you crossed most of your crosses in one direction and suddenly you started crossing them in the other direction, yep no way around that. Why? The real reason for good technique is that it allows all your attention to focus on your design (where it should be).

You don't have to rip if you made a leaf one row bigger than the design called for. This is obsessive behavior that needs redirecting.

You do need to rip if you make something so large it is out of scale with the rest of the design; you do not have to rip if it is barely noticeable.

You do not have to rip if you mixed up colors and the design is not exactly as the designer's model. For heaven's sake, if it looks OK, stop obsessing.

You do have to rip if a color or texture is not in harmony with the rest of the design.

You do not have to throw away a design if you run out of a dye lot.

If it looks like you are headed toward thread shortage, don't use the thread to the last strand, save at least 1/4 of it. Buy some more and decide where and how to introduce the new dyelot. I actually prefer to work with multiple dyelots. If you pay attention to lights and darks etc., they can bring an added depth to your design.

2. In memory of Audrey Francini, my generation's greatest needlewoman, slow down. Needlework is not a speed contest. Audrey was the slowest stitcher I have known. She was also the best. I have a couple of great stories about Audrey and her speed, I'll tell them in the next couple of mornings.

3. Forget about the Needlepoint Police. They don't exist except in their minds. You may meet people who think they know it all. Good for them, I applaude their confidence, but I don't buy into it.

I have probably told this story a dozen times but it is worth telling again and again. Years ago a friend wrote to me and asked, will this Kreinik braid look good with this silk?

I replied, beats me, try it and see.

Friend: whadaya mean you don't know, you're the teacher.

My reply: if the Immortal Artists Of The Western World don't know without trying, how would I, one mere mortal needlework teacher? (There's a bit more to thsi story too, I'll tell the rest another time).

All this goes to say once again, there is no real right and wrong, there are problems of course. The best way to find solutions is to think creatively.

Those are my New Year's Stitching Resolutions for 2021, still good for 2022

Reminders for me as well as for all of you.







UPDATED May 2024

Updates on Sales

Yes, in June I will have a Patriotica Sale: Betsy Ross, Betsy's Sewing Case (only two), Anthem Hearts, Golden Gate Bridge and Statue of Liberty Hearts, and for the first time, ECS and Susan B.

Group Activities

I will continue to refurbish my For Groups page on Queendom Website..

Time to Stitch

In 2024, once I have mailed Matryoshkas, I plan to pick up my needle solidly every day.

Future Sales

I will take time in June to have a Patriotica Sale. Hopefully most Patriotic Hearts will be there.

In the fall the theme will be Revisiting Tudor England.

June 14, 2024, Friday               

This morning a surprise indeed! My friend Val had stitched Fireworks, my Patritotica Geometric in colors of her own choice and she did a wonderful job!

This year she entered the piece in LosAngeles County Fair and when she won a blue ribbon and a judge's award, she sent me a photo.

Congratulations, Val,  on a super job of making the piece look wonderful!

I always have a problem deciding whether to sell a complete kit or the Instructions Only. Val's  Fireworks is the best argument for Instructions Only: it gives the stitcher a chance to bring her own choices to the piece, and in recent years I have been selling several Geometrics as Instructions Only.

Yes, the upside of Instructions Only is a spark of Creativity. The downsides are availability of threads and the extra expense of buying the threads separately.

This year, as in the past, I am offering Fireworks Geometric in my Patriotica Sale as Instructions Only.

June 13, 2024, Thursday               

Countdown is now 6 days after today.

This morning: Betsy Ross's Sewing Case. The kit includes the scissors and special little needlebooks made for the sewing case.

Not long to go now. I still have to write a Newsletter. I will do that over the weekend and send it on Monday or Tuesday.

Today and tomorrow: trying to sort and pick up all the threads I've been counting for kits. Happily all the kits are set to go, now all I have to do is put away silks, flosses and Kreinik braids, in short make some order out of chaos that is reigning right now.

It is coming together. A week from today and the sale will open.

June 12, 2024, Wednesday               

Countdown is on now, with 7 days after today.

This morning I posted the first two designs of my Travel by Heart Series, Golden Gate Bridge and Lady Liberty.

It's been a few years since I worked on them and I haven't made any more. At the top of my list: Route 66. I have the drawing, so maybe.

Next is one I would love to do but I can't find out about the copyright is Burma Shave. A Heart with a winding road, fields and Burma Shave signs.

Are any of you old enough to remember life in a car before there were freeways and how much delight Burma Shave ditties brought us children?

Here's one of my favorites and typical of the bunch.

Cattle Crossing/  please go slow/ this old bull/ is some cow's beau. How Americana is that!

June 11, 2024, Tuesday               

This morning I have posted a long-time favorite sampler of mine, the sampler I made in honor of little American Silver Thimbles. Yes, the kits for the sampler  will be in my Patriotica Sale.

Today I have a busy day ahead. DH and I have an important personal appointment late morning and when it is over, I will work on setting up the tables for my sale, From now on our livingroom will be cluttered with patterns and kits likely until early July.

I still have a series of chores to do: I have to cut canvas pieces and I have to write a Newsletter among them. So far I am happy to say it is going smoothly.

Countdown to June 20 is 8 days after today. Growing closer.

June 10, 2024, Monday               

As we begin to wind up to the half way point of June, with Flag Day just four days from now, and five days till the month's half-way point, I am happy to say my sale will be on time.

Countdown to June 20 is 9 days after today.

So how am I doing? Actually well. My Time Management plan has kicked in and I am slightly ahead of the curve. My Sale will indeed open at 8:00 a.m. on June 20.

I wish I could say the same for organization, both virtual and real. MacSophs, both of them, need days of filing, and I won't mention the real chaos lapping around me.

I am working away trying to earn the summer for days with my needle in my hand. Yes, big plans with my needle for a long stretch: two big projects and two smalls in the wings.

So best get busy sorting and stashing now. Right now.

June 9, 2024, Sunday               

This morning another deesign that I willl offer in my  Patriotica Sale: Fireworks, a geometric on 18 mesh canvas, I made this design in red, white and blue as a Patriotic Square, but you can make it in whatever colors and threads you wish.

I will sell the instructions only, no canvas, no threads, but the instructions do give the threads and colors I've used.

One thing that is fun about these geometrics is that almost any threads will work, in whatever colors you wish. They are very flexible and easy to bring a bit of yourself to the pattern.

After today, 10 days to go and the sale will open.

Different from the majority of my sales, you will know basically what I am selling before the sale opens.

June 8, 2024, Saturday               

This morning the Countdown is on: 11 days till my Patriotica Sale will be here. I am doing well! I have all the kits ready to go, I have ordered the patterns from the print shop, I have to cut the canvas still.

Soo what did I decide to include in the sale? Watch Queendom Website's Home Page for my decisions.

I should mention first that US UK Heart is in the sale. It has had small images on my website for days, so of course I have included it in the sale.

And Betsy's new heart is in the sale too. This is the first time I have sold it.

Day by day the list willl grow until the day of the sale will finally be here.

I am for this sale using my new computer, yes, New MacSoph will make her debut on June 20 and I'm hoping we are both ready. Meanwhile both of us will be working away. Webwork is forEVER.

June 7, 2024, Friday               

Yesterday was spa day for my new little bruised thimbles and this morning I posted a photo of the two.

You will see, if you look at the first photo that much of the distress was poor polishing. Most of the polishing liquid had not been removed and it clogged up parts of both thimbles.

Big improvement just by removing the clogged polish.

Mind you, both are not in wonderful condition,  particularly the little on on the left, but they have earned their condition through years of hard labor.

I am happy to add them to my collection, with a note  to all of you: I'm not in prime condition either through years of hard labor also.

On that note, on with the day. I have the whole day to work on my sale.

Two weeks to go till Patriotica Sale. I think I have a few of everything Patriotic in my collection of designs, just not a lot of any one thing. Will see how it goes.

June 6, 2024, Thursday               

I decided this morning to play an old role of mine: I posted a poem to offset the politicians and I asked an English teacher sort of question.

When I graduated from college with no MRS degree, I went to graduate school and morphed into a high school English teacher.

For a much longer time than I was an English teacher,  I have been a needlework designer.  So now I will ask a needlework designer sort of question: if I wanted to make a sampler out of Love's Philosophy, can you see a  path forward?

Right now I have too many obligations, but soon as I have a patch of free time, I want to tinker with the idea.

Such happy thoughts, btw, do improve one's tension.

June 5, 2024, Wednesday               

Recently I discovered a quote in our times of turmoil that has helped me cope.  It may even help your stitching tension. I decided to post it today.

In the very end civilizations perish because they listen to their politicians and not to their poets.

Try listening to the poets.

June 4, 2024, Tuesday               

I left Laurel Thatcher Ulrich on my home page for one more day. I look at my Betsy and I always think of LTU.

Actually my Betsy is sad: I can't find her! DH and I have looked and looked, but she is hiding somewhere. I know she is here but nary an idea where.

Long ago I learned how to cope with a lost item. I never knew a reason why until I heard from an 11 year old boy the only reason that ever made sense to me.

A lost item hides from you, who knows why, maybe you said something that struck it wrong, maybe it was just tired of you. Whatever, eventually it will get over its tiff and it will appear again.

Stop looking for it, for it will not appear again until it is ready.

There is one exception: now things changed a bit: keys and wallets and iPhones can't hide any longer because of Apple's Airtags. I saved one Airtag: it is going on Betsy for sure if ever she shows up again...

June 3, 2024, Monday               

I spent a part of yesterday searching for an alternative to the one bead I was missing for Echoes. As soon as it comes, I will complete Echoes kits, both the original Echoes and Echoes II, Tudor Rose Sampler.

When will I sell them? I have to figure that out but it will be sometime relatively soon ('relatively' being relative).

This morning on Queendom Website's home page I have posted more about Laurel Thatcher Ulrich who wrote the article that inspired me to stitch Betsy Ross.  I loved the article and hope you will take time to read it.

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich is also responsible for a quote that you may well recognize. I posted it in its full this morning along with brief notes about Ms. Ulrich.

So where am I? In relatively good shape. I am right about where I would hope to be: with the count down starting and a little over 2 weeks to go before my sale, I will spend today working on Queendom Website.  Mercifully and happily my kits are finished and crowded in the diningroom table

June 2, 2024, Sunday               

First Sunday in June and I began searching for the article that became the reason I stitched Betsy Ross.

I found it and have posted a link to it on Queendom Website's Home Page this morning.

For a long time I had been trying to decide on an American Patriot and one day DH gave me an article by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich on Betsy Ross.  I looked at DH and said Betsy Ross? Really?

Almost from the first paragraph, certainly by the time I finished, I had found my American  Patriot and not long after I finished reading, I began stitching.

Why was I so taken with the idea of Betsy Ross? In part it was the myth, in part it was the charming bits of Betsy tat that accompanied the article. The article seemed to give me permissions to do whatever I wished, so I did.

In the next couple of mornings I will tell a bit about my Betsy Journey and the list of influences. There are always influences, I think it difficult to create from a total void.

June 1, 2024, Saturday               

I lost yesterday. I had personal chores and then in the afternoon, I slept all afternoon. Still not enough and after a round of Friday night news programs, I fell asleep again and didn't stir till past my usual wake up time.

I guess I was just relieved that most everything in my work life is on track: My Patriotica Sale will be right on time, June 20, at 8:00 am California time.

I have some work still to do on my Seventh Crown and then I will be in line for EWeek in October, yes almost all decisions made, and my new designs out for proofing.

I may even have Echoes to sell, maybe in a small summer sale?

So I should end up owning the better parts of the summer. What will I do with them? I am having a great time deciding.  I feel happy I have earned the summer.

Happy June! It is indeed here.


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