Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework


Important Policies

In self-defense I have institutied a series of policies. They are firm policies, so please read them carefully.

Making Corrections After a Sale

You have 1.5 months from the date I mail your pattern or kit to check everything and make certain you have it.

At the bottom of a sale , I post the number of pages in the instructions booklet; it is wise to go back and check carefully to make sure you have every numbered page and they are all in order.

If beads come with your pattern, the beads will be listed on the Supplies page (usually page 1).

Check each packet, for after 1.5 months I will not/cannot replace beads.

If you write to me asking for a replacement, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SNAIL ADDRESS in the email.

'Paying on the Drip' is my finance system.

I know that needlework can be an expensive hobby.

If you would love to do one of my patterns but think it is too expensive, write to me and I will see what I can do about working out a payment plan. I call this 'Paying on the Drip'.

I have been doing this for a number of years and it has worked very well! I received a note just a short while ago from an accomplished needlewoman saying it made E-Week possible for her this year.

Now, I have always said this to everybody, here is my policy:

I’m happy to help with Drip Payments;

I’ve always said, I will continue doing it and enjoy doing it until someone gives me a bad check.

If one person gives me a bad check and doesn't make it good straightaway, I will put an end to ‘Paying on the Drip’ for everybody.

I will publish a copy of the insufficient check on my website homepage and call to everybody’s attention that this check is the reason there’s no more Drip for anybody.

I have received bounced checks a number of times but usually there has been a backstory and people have made them good straightaway.

Replacing Lost Parts of a Kit after the Replacement Deadline.

Imagine if 100 people asked me to replace lost beads, or lost threads or lost pages from instructions booklets.

I'm sorry if your dog ate the pages or your cat swallowed your thread or you dumped your beads upside down accidentally and the black hole in your house swallowed them, I feel your pain but I simply can't be a replacement service.

Special Orders

I can no longer fill special orders. It isn't that I wouldn't like to help you, it is that there aren't enough hours in the day.

Here, to date, are my policies. I will add them as I think of them.

Patterns are for sale on my website for a special time period. You can tell when a pattern is for sale because the PayPal button is there. When the PayPal button disappears, the item is no longer for sale.

I leave the information in place beyond the sale so that people who have bought the pattern can check it.

You may write to me and I will put you on a wait list in case I have extra patterns. People sometimes order patterns with the intent to pay by personal check and then never mail the check. (In those cases, I fill orders from a wait list).

When you receive your order from me, please check it carefully and report any missing parts within 1.5 months of the date of your sales slip. I am getting stricter about this, because people are writing to me asking for corrections 3, 6, 8 and sometimes 12 years after a sale.