Peacock Square: a Geometric

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

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Peacock Square

Peacock Square is the first in a series of small geometrics on 18 mesh canvas to draw inspiration from the feathers of birdies.  The design is a simple four way pattern consisting of borders and overstitchings to mimic the feathers.

The design is approximately 6.5" square on an 11" square pice of 18 mesh canvas.

I am offering the instructions only (no canvas, no threads) with a suggestion that you raid your stash for a series of colors and start.  The instructions list the threads I used (my version is green), but you could use any number of different threads suitable for 18 mesh canvas.

The instructions are 17 pages long plus a title page and a color copy of my finished green square and the purple one I photoshopped.

NEW  Peacock Square

Instructions only (no canvas, no threads.

Price is $43.00 includes Shipping.

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My Instructions

If you are new to my instructions, please scroll down and click on "My Instructions" on the lower yellow navigation bar. The notes will explain how and why I write and package my instructions the way I do.

Please note:

The instructions include the list of color amounts and thread types of the green threads, not the purple ones.

The purples are photoshopped. Very possible to find them, but I can't go into a needlepoint shop currently because of covid.  

Here's the formula: Same threads as listed in the instructions, only in soft purples instead of greens, then add one more metallic in a red violet.

Photos of both are included with the instructions.

Outside U.S.   Must have U.S. address.

No U.S. address: try

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