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SUMMER SOLSTICE, with a Winter Alternative

I made a Summer Solstice in warm colors, but change to

cooler colors and you will have a Winter Solstice.

The Story of Summer Solstice

I love the Summer Solstice, it is my favorite day of the year. Why? Because it is the longest day of the year, the most daylight hours, the best stitching day.

I always plan to stitch all day long on the Summer Solstice, from first light till twilight. Some years ago, on the eve of the Summer Solstice, I set out a piece of canvas and some threads for the next morning.

I had no drawing, no plan, no idea where my day's stitching would take me. I stitched and ripped through the Summer Solstice and through the days and weeks that followed, and this is the design that emerged.

I confess, I have always loved the design because of the way I stitched it. One of these years I will do it again.

Summer Solstice

Instructions only (no thread no canvas)  

Price: $38.00 including shipping

Summer Solstice Instructions

Summer Solstice Instructions are 20 pages long, plus a page of color suggestions, a title page and a page showing different possibilities for the shape of the piece, as illustrated on the left. The instructions include color numbers for both Summer and Winter (Listed as Blue Green at the end of the booklet.  Two other color combinations also, but I have long lost the photos.

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is a four-way geometric on an 11" x 11" piece of 18 mesh canvas.

I used a combination of Vineyard Silk and Kreinik braid with Trebizond and Soie Gobelin to make a summer geometric.

The pattern is very flexible and almost any combination of threads similar in texture to pearl cotton and Kreink braid will work well.

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Why am I bringing this design back again? Requests -- and the enthusiasm among the requestors for experimenting with color and texture.

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