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Antique needlework Tools

From Carolyn


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My Comments: Beautiful American Art Nouveau scissors made by Simons, and look at the leather sheath that goes with them. As a lover of American silver, I think they are extraordinary.

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My Comments: Imagine the work that went into carving this needlecase. I always think of the amount of labor when I see these intricately-carved ivory pieces made in basketweave patterns. Imagine that it survived in this condition for 190 years. Amazing.

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My Comments: Just as a flight of fancy, wouldn't a stitcher who likes to do Blackwork and accompanying patterns love to convert this ebony stiletto into today's laying tool?  You will find mother of pearl for white, silver, even gold are more often. I thought this most unusual.

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My Comments: What an extraordinary pin cusion with its intricate design noting St. Bartholomew. Beautiful detail and design, I don't think I have ever seen this pincushion before.

My Comments: With their small decorations of abstract leaves, these scissors have such a graceful shape. A lovely unusual design. Early on in my collecting years I learned that modern emphasis is often on silver and we often forget how difficult it is to work a beautiful design in steel.

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My Comments:  One of my favorite tools, these tiny stilettos from the era of Jane Austen, with their points turning inward for protection. This one has a most unusual design of leaves and flowers. Remarkable that this little stilettos survived in great condition.



My Comments: What an outstanding design for a pincushion, tiny as it is, with initials and Easter 1909 engraved on the bottom. Someone clever could make a wonderfully intricate needlepoint design out of the scrolls. Beautiful!

My Comments: Scenic or landcape thimbles are the unique contribution of American silversmiths. often you will find ones made by Simons Bros and Waite Thresher (later bought by Simons), less often ones like this, made by America's remarkable Ketcham & McDougall.

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I have no financial interest in Carolyn's business, except I buy too many of these little tools.  I simply love their company, these little reminders of the stitchers of yesteryear and the tools they used.

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