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Onesies, Twosies!


Almost Whitework Sampler

Only one copy.  Instructions only (no threads, no canvas)

$78.00 includes shipping

Margaret Rose and Sewing Case

Two separate sets of Instructions only (no threads, no canvas)

Two copies of the twosome.

$77.00 includes shipping for the two.

Fleur de Lis Sampler

Instructions (no threads, no canvas.

Two copies available.

$59.00 includes shipping.

Small Scissors Sampler

Instructions (no threads, no canvas.

Three copies available

$29.00 includes shipping.

Onesies, Twosies, Threesies!

One or two or three of each of designs from my past. Scroll down.

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Almost Whitework Sampler, one copy available

For people who love whitework including Drawn Thread, Pulled Thread and Cutwork, this pattern is long, arduous and not for the beginner.

The instructions are 120 pages long plus 10 Oversize Graphs, a title page and a 'color' photo.  Design calls for white congress cloth, 16" x 20".

$78.00 includes shipping.

Margaret Rose and Her Sewing Case  

Two copies available of the combination.

Redwork.  I worked both in red, but any strong color will work.

Blue, green, purple, just so long as the color provides a good contrast with the white canvas.

Margaret Rose instructions are 20 pages long plus four Oversize Graphs, a Title page and color copy.  Congress cloth 12" x 14"

Margaret Rose's Sewing Case instructions are 37 pages long, plus a Title page and a color copy. Congress cloth 16" x 10" and 9" x 8".

$77.00 includes shipping for the two sets of instructions.

Fleur de Lis Sampler

One Copy Available

An old old pattern of mine, with elaborate step by step Drawn Thread and Cutwork. This pattern is the same age as my large Drawn Thread Sampler and it works much the same way.

Instructions are 68 pages, plus an old old 'real photo' and a dogeared title page. I discovered them hiding in a corner buried undernath old papers.

This is a long band sampler on white congress cloth 11" wide x 24" long.

$59.00 includes shipping

Small Scissors Sampler

Three copies Available

A small Scissors, Thimble and Needle Sampler with a variety of patterns in the borders.  12 pages of instructions, plus an Oversize Graph, a color copy of my sampler and a Title Page and a thread conversion chart.

Congress cloth 8" x 11"

$29.00 includes shipping

Flower Girl

Instructions (no threads, no canvas.

Two copies available

$58.00 includes shipping.

Flower Girl

two Copies available

Spring among my seasons, this is Flower Girl. If you make her, you will know how to do Bullion KNots by the time you finish.

Instructions are 65 pages long, plus 4 handdrawn Oversize Graphs, a Title Page and a color copy.

White congress cloth

14" x 16"

$58.00 includes shipping



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