Gay Ann Rogers Needlework

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Onesies, Twosies,


Acorn Girl

Two copies available. Instructions only

no threads, no canvas )

$58.00 includes shipping

Diamond Roundabout,

A Geometric

Three copies available. Instructions only (no threads, no canvas)

$38.00 includes shipping

Midnight Star

Instructions (no threads, no canvas.

One Copy available.

$39.00 includes shipping.

Onesies, Twosies, Threesies

One or two or three of each of designs from my past. Scroll down.

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Acorn Girl

Two Copies Available.

Autumn among my seasons, this is Acorn Girl.

Traditional Needlepoint patters, plus some

Double-Running Stitch.

My original had a few Mill Hil beads, but the design would work without them.

Instructions are 67 pages long plus 4 Oversize Graphs, a Title Page and a color copy of my Acorn Girl.White Congress Cloth 14" x 16".

$58.00 includes shipping.

Diamond Roundabout

Three Copies Available.

I stitched the Diamond Roundabout

on the left and colorized the other two

examples (green and purple).

Based on choosing a Watercolours

and coordinating Pearl Cottons and

Kreinik braids or their equivalents, the threads are flexible and the design a good choice for people who wish to experiment with color. 18 mesh canvas 14" x 14."

The instructions are 26 pages long, plus a title page and a color copy of my Diamond Roundabout and the two Colorized ones.

$38.00 includes shipping.



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