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Echoes 2  Tudor Rose Sampler

Echoes 2: Tudor Rose

Echoes 2 Story, Part 1 Inspiration

About 8 years after I stitched Echoes of Elizabeth, I figured out a problem that had evaded me forever: How could I make a sampler with a Tudor Rose in the center, the White Roses on the left, the Red Roses on the right.

After 8 years I figured it out: mix them, two red roses and one white rose on each side (I'm a slow learner).

I photoshopped the image below by adding a 'new fill layer' to make the image square for facebook. I like it so much I am now tempted to stitch a square like this. One of these days perhaps when I have nothing else to do.

Echoes 2: Tudor Rose Sampler

The Story of Echoes 2 and why it took me so long to make the pair for Echoes.

Echoes 2: Tudor Rose Sampler

Echoes 2 Story, Part 2 What are the Differences between Echoes 1 and Echoes 2?

If you toggle back and forth between the two, you will note some obvious differences, such as Echoes 1 had two Tudor Roses, Echoes 2 has a single one, with the addition of a crown and the addition of the blackwork crowns with the blackwork roses, all with their specks of gold.

I used the same cutwork pattern Echoes II, but I made an alternative. All these years Margaret F. had Echoes and didn't want to stitch it because she didn't want to cut the canvas. In her honor, I made an alternative, the cutwork square that isn't cut, it just looks like it is. Turns out there were a lot of Echoes fans who sighed a sigh of relief. No cutwork.

Below you will see the options: the one on the left is fake cutwork, the one on the right, the real thing. I included both options in the instructions for Echoes 2.

Echoes 2: Tudor Rose Sampler

Echoes 2 Story, Part 3  Threads and Beads

The threads and beads are much the same as the original Echoes, with the following changes: the Impressions I used in Echoes 1 changed color drastically, so I went to a color that is slightly greener. Now the original color is back to normal. Actually, I like both.

The center thread in both samplers is a Thread Gatherer gently overdyed red which I touched up here an there by adding a slightly lighter accent to the York and Lancaster roses so that they had some highlights.

What doesn't show well in the photo are the diagonal rows of pearls which to my eye make the sampler. They are on the diagonal above and below the Tudor Rose.

Echoes 2: Tudor Rose Sampler

Echoes 2 Story, Part 4A  Any More Tudor Designs from Me?

ForEVER people have asked me to stitch Henry VIII. Over the years, it is the most frequent request I have received. My answer is and and always has been: NO Henry VIII. Why would I spent 100 or so hours stitching a man who beheaded women? Not a reinforcing message for the female contingency that stitches.

However, there might be a sampler in the Echoes tradition related to Henry VIII.

There are a couple of reasons I might actually get around to working on this sampler: I drew a drawing I love and I've already started collecting beads. A site I knew of had a huge gigantic sale of vintage beads which are my weakness. I shopped and shopped for a sampler I have yet to start. (A lesson in how my life and house get clogged with stash).

Echoes 2: Tudor Rose Sampler

Echoes 2 Story, Part 4B  Any More Tudor Designs from Me?

I am finished with portraits of Queens. There never were any Kings and there won't be. Here's one reason: men get enough attention, why should I add to the emphasis on them?

Lately I have been listening to Donizetti's Anna Bolena. Below is a link. I keep thinking, is there something I could do? Maybe. No, no portrait, but maybe something. So far just a vague idea.

Listen and let me know what you think:

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