FACES: Lesson #6 B

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

How do I Love Thee?

Do I love these four faces? I think comparisons illustrate some good points, but the answer is sorry, no, I don't love them.

My Favorites

Scroll down and you will find a small gallery of the women I think are the most beautiful ever.

The ones below are but a few -- I tried to choose ones for today that  I haven't posted before.  

I've posted a number of them over the years.

Knowing I planned to post them, I've tried to write something about them but with no success. As I'm neither art critic nor philosopher, I decided to let them speak for themselves.

My Favorites, still are, always have been

Like all well-known paintings, they have lost some of their surprise,  they are too well known, parodied all the time and constantly repainted in various ways,  but I still love them.

Some of you might ask me, couldn't I come with something more original to love?

Answer is simple, sorry, no, I couldn't, at least not as well.

I do have one little twist on them, something to do with these lessons, and I will make that point tomorrow, as Part 1 of my FACES Lessons draws to a close.

My World of Needlework

Do I love the four photos I posted in Lesson 6 A?

No. I think they make some good points, but love them?


Do I think they are the most beautiful?

If you would like to see the paintings of the women I think are most beautiful, scroll down.

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