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American Silver Thimbles Sampler











The Thimbles on My Thimble Sampler

I adapted each band on my sampler from an American Silver Thimble. Notice the letters on the sampler correspond to the photos of the actual thimbles.

"A" shows two views of the scene at the center of the sampler.

Scroll down for a brief description of each thimble.

Brief Descriptions of the Thimbles

A. Scenic thimble by Simons Bros. On the first view you can see a house with bushes, on the second view the mountains, the sun and the road.

B. Chevron-like design on a thimble made by E & J Bass Company. Notice the tiny tulip design at the base of each chevron

C. Simple geometric design with five dots in every other panel. Made by Simons Bros.

D. Enamel band with pink roses, made by Simons Bros.

E. Gold band with a diamond-like design, made by Stern Bros & Co

F.  Small chain-like design, made by Waite-Thresher.

G. Wild rose design made by Ketcham & McDougall.

H. Enamel with pink roses. Notice no knurling on this thimble, made by Simos Bros.

I. Distinctive band of alternatiing flowers and leaves. I used this band as the inspiration for the border. Made by Webster Co.

All thimbles c 1880's-1930's

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