Patriotica for June or July 2024

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Betsy Ross's Sewing Case

Patriotica Sale in June or July, 2024

I can't bring everything back in June or July, but I could bring some of it back.

Would you help me choose?

Scroll through the following and let me

know if there is something you wish I would

include.for a Patriotica Sale in June or July 2024.

My World of Needlework

I am planning to sell some Patriotica Designs in June or July 2024.

Will you help me decide which designs to bring back?

Scroll through this page and email me with your choices.

US UK Heart which I loved making, not too many years ago. and on the right:  

USA Heart I never wrote the instructions for. I am thinking maybe I would

My Portrait of Betsy Ross

A cap and two mittens. Maybe a touch of a Patriotic winter to offset all the heat around the country.


Betsy Ross's House

Travel by Heart

Below left: San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, on right: Lady Liberty.

My First Patriotic Heart,

now 22 years old.

Below is a reminder of one of my most popular ever offerings:  O Beautiful for spacious skies, for Amber Waves of Grain, for Purple Mountains Majesty, From Sea to Shining Sea, America America God shed Her Grace on Thee. Four little Hearts.

Peace in Our Time Heart

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Patriotic Designs for June-July next year.