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#3-2 thimble   $68.00

#3-3 thimble   $58.00

#3-4 thimble   $43.00

#3-6 thimble   $28.00

Six Landscape Thimbles

From Carolyn


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My Comments: the rendering is a bit bolder on this thimble than on #1, but again, beautifully done and the thimble is in superb condition and a beautiful example.

The scenic or landcape thimbles are the unique contribution of American silversmiths. There is a great variety of landscape thimbles but this design is one of the most loved abd best. Take a couple of minutes to look at each of the thimble and you will see that yes, the designs are the same, but the details of each are different, according to the handwork by the differenr artists in silver.

#3-5 thimble   $38.00

My Comments: the rendering is not quite as deep and the detail not quite as pronounced on this one as on #1 and #2, but it is in a wonderful example in excellent shape. I kept one very similar.

The famous silvermark for Simons Bros., inside the top of each thimble.

My Comments: very nice detail and crisp rendering of the design. The lower price reflects the small repaired hole and the needlemarks. In no way are these disfiguring and the thimble is a very pretty example, just with a little wear.

My Comments: nice detail, a little softer than on #4, sometimes a personal preference. A large thimble, a lovely example with some use: needle wear and a repair on the top.

Each thimble is 'sterling silver,' one indication that the thimble is indeed American. 'Sterling' indicates 925/1000 is silver.

The English standard is the same; some German and some French thimbles are 900/1000, and sometimes you will find 935/1000.

My Comments: a simpler rendition of the design, this thimble has some needle holes and these are reflected in the price

Of course, I like well-used little thimbles so I find this one very appealing.

The nominal damage to each of three thimbles is not at all disfiguring and they are all nice examples of the design,

the great advantage being the damage is reflected in the price.

As I was stitching my Anthem hearts and their little landscapes, I thought of this thimble and the design on it gave me the idea for an American Silver Thimbles Sampler.  As I sketched my ideas, I began with this thimble.

Shipping is included in the price.

My Comments: Delicate rendering, lovely detail (look at the mountain and the sun and road) and superb condition. What more can one ask of a thimble.

These six thimbles are the same pattern but each individual because the details are all rendered by hand.

#3-1 thimble   $73.00





Please know I have no financial interest in Carolyn's business,

except that I buy too much from her.

I simply love the tools and am happy she shares them with all of us.

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